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Gear Truck

Rod and Gear Case

Rod and Gear Case

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Those that have done it know the sickening feeling when you shut your favourite rod in the tailgate or car door. Or my specialty is having other gear crush a rod tip while floating around the back of my truck. It will ruin any fishing trip very quickly and there is definitely no fun in that. Combined with restrictions on carryon items such as rods, reels and your other gear on flights we came up with the Gear Case. 

The case will hold up to 4 x 4-Piece rod tubes and reels. Although we prefer to use the case with 3 rods. Its designed so a rod that is folded down but still rigged can be quickly and safely stored when moving from fishing spots. 

Oh the joy of not having to worry about breaking a rod anymore! Not to mention the stress free check in of all your gear at the airport. As long as your airline doesn't lose your case, your rods, reels and whatever else you keep in it will be safe on arrival. 

  • Made from high quality modified PP plastic material to produce a case shell that is strong and durable.
  • Impact, dust, water and corrosion resistant and able to be withstand extreme temperature environments.
  • Automatic air pressure balance valve, which allows for ​​air to move through the diaphragm without letting water in and while adjusting for changes in pressure under extreme height or temperature changes.
  • Double lock and claw latch design with press times tested to exceed 100,000 times.
  • 2x Padlock holes for securing the case for transport and safety
  • O-type sealing ring securely embedded into the box cover. When closed the case is sealed completely to make it resistant to dust and water entry.
  • Cases sold with pluck foam included to fill the case. You can easily pluck the foam to suit your rod tube and reel. 
  • Screw posts molded into the top and base of the case for fixing and securing foam and packing inserts
  • Strong and durable rubber comfort grip handle
  • Stainless steel hardware joint hinges

External Dimensions (mm): 970 x 410 x 155

Internal Dimensions (mm): 910 x 340 x 130


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