Red Truck Fly Rods

Where Will Your Red Truck Take You?


At Gear Truck we have been huge fans of the Red Truck Fly Fishing Company for some time. In fact, we loved them so much we decided to import them into Australia and New Zealand. Make no mistake, these are a high performance rod without the high price tag. 

Based in California and manufactured in South Korea these rods are the business. Not only are they the coolest brand in Flyfishing, they combine high quality with performance that’s also great fun to fish with at price point well below what you would expect to pay for a rod of this calibre. No matter what colour your truck is, you need a Red Truck Diesel Rod in the back of your truck for every fishing trip. Whether it’s your local creek, the high country trout streams or tropical sand flats, this is the rod you didn’t know you needed.

With the very first cast of my Red Truck Diesel Rod, I caught this little Brown Trout. Not a trophy fish by any measure, but the first cast and catching a fish with a new rod is pretty special. #onecastonefish This ended up being an awesome session and the day the Diesel 690-4 became my new favorite rod. This was also the day we knew we had to share these rods with the local fly fishing community. As much as we'd love to, we can't guarantee "one cast, one fish" but you'll never know unless you try?




At Red Truck Fly Fishing Co. we celebrate our sport by taking you back to a simpler time. By focusing on rods and reels that make sense and deserve to exist, we make fly fishing easy and accessible. We know your fishing time is valuable and jumping in a truck with a good buddy to the local fishing spot is just as important (maybe more) than flying halfway around to an exotic location.



Red Truck Fly Rods have to be fun to cast – Simply said, a fly rod should be efficient and easy to cast. Our rods are designed to cast with little effort and consistent strokes from our 1wt to our 12WT.

Built with a Purpose – We designed all of our rods to have a specific fishing application. For example our 8 foot 6 inch 4 weight is designed specifically for dry fly fishing.

Durability– There is no worse sound than ***SNAP***. Our rods have a snake belly finish that dramatically increases the rods durability. Our unique ferrules (where the pieces come together) are sanded and not painted. This increases friction and keeps the rod from coming loose and breaking.

Premium Components– We searched the globe for the best cork, guides, and threads that money can buy.

Cosmetics– A fly rod should look like a fly rod, not a rally car. Our gun smoke finish, matte grey blanks, and burl wood reel seats are not only beautiful but reduce the risk of spooking fish with rod glare.

 Repairs and Warranty– Repairs should be fast and easy! We build our rods so precisely that we can ship you a replacement section thus eliminating the horrible repair times of most rod brands. Most times, within a few days of contacting us, and you are fishing again.


With all of this in mind it is no wonder why our gear was featured in Men’s Journal magazine as one of their 50 Perfect Things”.